Childbirth and Infant Care Refresher Class:

Expecting another baby? Has it been a while since you have cared for a newborn?  Congratulations, then this is the class for you! This class will provide you and your partner with an up-date on the latest information about current practices and options during childbirth as well as refresher your confidence about caring for the newest member of your family.


In this three-hour class we will:

  • Explore previous birth experiences
  • Review the process of birth
  • Review and practice natural coping methods (breathing, massage, etc)
  • Updates on medical methods for pain management
  • Updates on birth technology, fetal monitoring and newborn assessments
  • Discuss postpartum challenges
  • Review of breastfeeding, how to get off to a good start
  • Review of basic infant care and discuss ways to make your life easier

Couples find that taking a refresher class helps them remember information they learned the first time around, and helps them identify things that they would like to do differently.  A refresher class can help you to identify and verbalize your options and goals for this birth, and this helps empower many parents to feel more confident with the change that adding a new baby to a family brings.

Class Details:

Childbirth Preparation is a 3-hour  class. 

Class Cost:

$295 per couple. This includes the pregnant mom and her partner or support person

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