Infant Care Only - Parents :

This class is for anyone who is not planning on breastfeeding, perfect for same sex couples who are not breastfeeding, couples who are adopting or choosing to use bottles.  The class will cover all the basics of infant care as well as how feeding effects sleep.:

  • What to expect after your baby is born
  • How he/she will appear
  • What routine procedures you can expect at the hospital/birthcenter 
  • Basic infant care, including bathing, diapering, cord care, soothing techniques, sleeping and feeding
  • Common health concerns, signs of illness and when to call the pediatrician
  • First days of feeding, skin-to-skin contact
  • How to recognize hunger cues
  • Feeding tips and techniques, burping, position, etc
  • Bottles - cleaning, storing, heating, etc.

Class Details:

Infant Care is a 3-hour class.  Beverages and snacks are provided.

Class Cost:

$185 per couple.