Childbirth Education Services
New Moms’ Group

This is the place where you can be real: messy, and unshowered some days, energetic and fresh-from-the-gym other times, deeply inspired one week and filled with doubt the next. Moms’ Groups are the place to sort it out and to find like-minded women in the same life-moment. Some of the people you meet here will be friends for life.   


Can I bring my baby?  Yes! 

Can I ask questions about breastfeeding?   Yes, although this is not only a breastfeeding group, the topic of breastfeeding often comes up!  I am an IBCLC and can give perspectives on the nursing relationship.  

What if I’m not nursing?  Will I feel left out?  No! — the group is for moms, regardless of feeding method.  One of the benefits of a moms’ group is learning that in real life, if not online, people get along and support each other even if they are not all doing the same thing.

What do we do in a moms’ group, anyway?  Here are some topics:

  • dealing with crying and fussy behavior
  • establishing routines
  • getting your body back
  • co-parenting with your partner
  • “myths” of motherhood
  • sex and intimacy and parenting
  • feeding, and sleep issues
  • dealing with parents and in-laws
  • coping with normal new mom anxiety and doubt

If I’m going back to work, is it worth it to come? Yes!  A new moms’ group is an introduction to a wonderful peer community. Being around other mothers will help you get your bearings in the transition to parenthood.  Some stay-at-home moms will continue with an ongoing group, and some of the moms who return to work will continue with the working mom's groups, but at the outset, you’re all starting in the same place.

Class Details:

This class meets weekly for 5-weeks.

Time: 1.5 hrs

Location: City Births 370 West 58th street apt 1C.  Across the street from Time Warner Center on the corner of 9th ave and 58th

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